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"My wish is that the words I write will become smiles on a child's face."

Sebastian was born on the remote island of Mythynys. However, one fateful day, when he was only a young boy his life changed forever. While out fishing in his tiny rowboat, a large rogue wave swept him far out to sea. For many days he drifted until eventually he was seen by the captain of a large boat, and rescued, but the crew on this boat spoke a language he did not understand. He could not explain to them why he was so far from his island home, and indeed did not know himself whether he was hundreds or even thousands of miles away from Mythynys.


Weeks later the rescue boat reached England where they were to unload their cargo of Asian spices. As Sebastian was unable to tell anyone where Mythynys was located, the kindly seaport inhabitants thought it best if he was found a family and home to live with here in Britain, where he has lived to this day.

These are the stories he remembers from his childhood on the island, of   the creatures and people that lived there, and  the enchanted island itself.

Sebastian's latest book is now available on Amazon. 

Buy it in paperback here.

Or you can get the Kindle version here.

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